rp_64002_10151299308206308_431380085_n-225x300.jpgAre you thinking about buying a diamond? It doesn’t matter if you are getting engaged, upgrading your current stone or even buying a diamond for investment purposes. If you are thinking about buying a diamond there are certain things you shouldn’t do. It’s easy to find articles about what you should do when you are going to purchase a diamond. Learn about the 4 C’s, find the best person to buy a diamond from, set a budget, but even when you know what to do, often times so many people still don’t know what NOT to do. So, let’s get some education going on.

Buying a Diamond: What Not to Do

Do not buy a diamond without a Guarantee, Warranty and/or a Return Policy. If you are buying a diamond from an internet retailer, be sure to check out the return policy, the guarantee and the warranty on the ring. I can’t tell you the amount of guys that come into my showroom confused about their purchase from an online retailer that claims to sell certain goods and all sales are final. The prongs are loose, the diamonds are cracked or chipped and they have no recourse or shop near by to get everything repaired.

If you buy a ring from an outlet where you can physically lay your eyes on it, you can examine that ring under a loupe before and after you pick it up. That is invaluable. More importantly, most places will have some type of guarantee or warranty on the goods they are selling, and if not a return policy, a buy back policy.

What is a buy back policy? A buy back policy is when you have a set % of the price that you paid for the diamond that is guaranteed to come back to you if you aren’t happy with the diamond you bought, or it just didn’t work out. Find out before you buy a diamond if the place you are purchasing from has a buy back policy.

Do not buy a diamond before you inquire about all the store’s policies and be sure to read the fine print before you sign on ANY dotted line!

Do not buy a diamond site unseen. I can’t stress this enough. Diamonds aren’t the type of merchandise you can buy off the internet. It doesn’t matter what type of new fandangled app the website you are visiting says they have to show you the clarity of the diamond, it’s just not the same. You can’t truly see how the light is refracted in a diamond unless you see it in natural light and in person. You will not really be able to tell the color of a diamond unless you see it surrounded by many other diamonds of varying degrees of color in both natural and fluorescent light. And you definitely cannot see if the clarity characteristics can be seen with the naked eye, unless you put your naked eyes on that diamond.

Do not buy a diamond that doesn’t have a pedigree. Now, this is controversial. There are various associations that grade diamonds and some are just better than others, and unless you understand which certificates are respected and actually grade a diamond properly, you could be getting scammed, with what you are buying. The guy who is selling you the diamond knows that you do not know how to grade a diamond, so if there is no pedigree or paperwork from an association, such as the GIA, for the diamond, you do not know if he is telling you the correct color, clarity etc. But, if that diamond has a GIA certificate, then you not only know the color and clarity, you also know the exact measurements by % and carat, and you will have a diagram that will show you and tell you where each flaw is on your diamond. You will know exactly what you are getting and that pedigree makes your diamond worth what it should be, so don’t lose that piece of paper!

Do not buy a diamond after just seeing one stone. The interesting thing about diamonds is that there are no two that are alike. Each diamond is unique and has there own characteristics, so it’s important to see as many as you can in your price range before choosing the diamond that speaks to you. I realize that sounds hokey, but it’s the truth. If you are looking at 7 diamonds that are all close to the same price, close to the same size, slightly different in color but very different in measurements, you will be drawn to one that speaks to you. It could be that a “spready” or shallower diamond is what speaks to you because it looks bigger. You could be looking for that perfect shape with a pin point culet because it sparkles no matter which way you turn it in the light. You need to see many diamonds and see them with your own two eyes!

Do not buy a diamond without doing your research! If you search just our site you will find hundreds of articles that will teach you all about diamonds, and in very easy to understand terms. If you walk into a showroom or a retailer and feel confident and know what you are looking for, then you will leave knowing you are buying a diamond and getting exactly what you are being told you are getting. If you are going to spend that much money, a little research sure does go a long way, doesn’t it?

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