RolexI remember the day when I bought my first Rolex.  I was going on vacation right before the 4th of July weekend, and I had saved up for this watch for months.  I had been buying and selling watches for a while and knew which one I wanted. I wanted the Submariner.  I had my eye on the perfect one and when I found it, I knew it was the watch.

Because I was out of town when it was supposed to arrive, I had it sent to the lodge where I was staying with my family.  I couldn’t sleep the night before, that’s how excited I was.  But, FedEx came and went and the watch didn’t show up.  I tracked it down to the FedEx station about 100 miles away and in my obsession to have that watch on my wrist, left my family and drove to the station.  No watch.  They tracked it onto a truck that was supposed to bring it to the station the following day.

I didn’t get my watch until after the holiday was over because of a series of mishaps and cluster f*cks, and even with all of that, it didn’t spoil the moment I slipped that stainless steel bracelet on my wrist and felt the weight of it on my wrist.

I feel that way every time I buy a new Rolex and I want to help you have that feeling too.

How You Can Afford Your First Rolex

RolexYou might be thinking to yourself, “Yeah, right! I would love a Rolex, but I’m just out of college and don’t have enough money to afford one!” Well, that could be true, or might not be true.  Here is how Jonathan’s Watch Buyer can put you in your first fine watch:

  1. We offer financing on all watches.  Imagine if you could buy a watch and pay it off a few hundred dollars a month interest free? A fine watch is an investment and the great thing about it is this: it won’t lose its value, so if you ever feel like you get into a hole, you can bring it back and we will buy it back from you.
  2. All of our watches that are pre-owned are guaranteed.  We guarantee that they work and have been fully serviced.  Each pre-owned watch comes with a one year warranty for all parts and services from Jonathan’s Watch Buyer, except for if you drop it, overwind it, misuse it or abuse it.  If you buy a pre-owned Rolex you automatically will save about 10 – 25% off the price we will quote you on a new Rolex.  The advantages of a pre-owned is that Rolex sticks to what they know and they rarely change their watch styles, which is why the resale is so high. You won’t be buying a fad, you will be buying a staple.
  3. Did I hear you say you wanted a NEW watch? We guarantee that our prices will be lower than any authorized Rolex dealer you will find.  GUARANTEE.  You will NOT pay retail for a brand new Rolex from us.  Our products will be in the outer slip, outer box, inner box, have the papers, the one year warranty through Rolex, all the tags and all the wrappings on the watch.  BRAND SPANKING NEW.  No catch.  We just want to get you the watch you deserve. And, by the way, we aren’t affiliated with Rolex and are not an authorized dealer.  In fact, truth be told, we have nothing at all to do with Rolex, other than we are just some guys who want to help you get the best price on the best watch.
  4. Any watch you purchase from us can be serviced at Rolex because all the parts will be original parts.  Did you know that if one part on your watch is not original that Rolex won’t service it? Tis true, my friend, but once again, we guarantee that all of our Rolexes watches have original parts and can and will be serviced by Rolex.
  5. If a Rolex isn’t what floats your boat and you want to buy any kind of watch, we can help you out, but the truth is, those memories of my first Rolex make me all mushy and nostalgic and want to just share the joy and spread the wealth!

Isn’t a Rolex Still Expensive?

RolexSo, yes, generally they are, but if you go with the Air-King, those are what you might call a ‘starter’ Rolex.  They are not as expensive.  If you want to go mid expensive, move up to the Date or Datejust, which has many different configurations to choose from.  Then if you are really wanting to go a bit more you can always go Explorer or Submariner and if want to go for it, why there is the Big Daddy Daytona.

The point is that there is a Rolex for pretty much any budget, and with the financing, which takes about 7.5 minutes to fill out and get approved, it really does make it easy to own your first Rolex and Jonathan’s Watch Buyer would love to be the one to put you in yours.

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