If you are in any kind of service business, you know that without the customers, you have no business at all. Our business was built entirely on word of mouth, so I understand the value of quality customer service and how important it is to have the customer walk away with a feeling of satisfaction and trust.

It’s getting harder and harder to achieve that in the age of online shopping and computer generated help lines, so how do we continue to keep a happy customer, especially if we still rely on the traditional brick and mortar, as well as the new online way of doing business?


The Customer is King

The old adage the customer is always right still holds true.  And, no matter which way you cut it, the customer is always right.  Whether they are sitting across your desk buying a 5-carat diamond, on the phone buying a pair of diamond stud earrings, or buying a Rolex on eBay.

The Customer is Always Right

Something that business owners forget is that it only takes one disgruntled, angry or unhappy customer to bring down what you thought was a stable business, but was actually a house of cards. Word of mouth is that important and yes, that powerful.

Treat Your Customer The Way You Want to be Treated

I recently had an experience with some online shopping that made me think about this.  I bought something over a month ago and never heard anything from the store again. Nothing after I got the receipt and they got my money. And, if I didn’t want the merchandise I had ordered so badly, I would have cancelled the transaction, but I really wanted it.


What Not to Do

I sent an email to their customer service department and never got a response back.  If you own a business and have an email address that leads to a customer service department, even if you are the only person in that department, you damn well better be answering every single email, or take that address off your site!

I called several times and left several messages and never got a return phone call.  If you have a phone number with an answering machine, check those messages and return the calls.

I finally got through and they had no clue what I was talking about and couldn’t find the order by number or name.  If you are going to put an order number on the invoice, have a way to look it up.

They explained that there was a 6 – 8 week lead-time for the merchandise. IF THERE IS A WAIT OR DELAY IN AN ORDER BE SURE TO INFORM YOUR CUSTOMER!!

It is That Simple

Business owners, it is just that simple.  Inform your customers.  When I am designing a ring and we get behind or busy, I call my customer and keep them updated on the progress of their ring so they know when it will be ready and what is going on with it.

It is a sign of respect and courtesy towards your customer, and they will then tell all their friends and you will get more business.  You see how that works?

It is that simple…. treat your customer the way you want to be treated, remember, they are what keeps our businesses going.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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