Wear It, Don’t Warehouse It

Did you know if you don’t wear those inherited pieces as they are or redesigned, that they will mean little to the next generation?  And that it’s better to redesign it and wear it where the kids can see it than leave it in the safety deposit box? Well, it’s a new jewelry day for buried treasures. It’s time to take a look at what you already have that you’re not wearing!


  • Do you have buried treasures in your jewelry box?
  • Do you have jewelry in your jewelry box you’re not wearing because you are over it?
  • Do you have unworn jewelry that is annoying because it’s too long or too short?
  • Are you not wearing something because the clasp is such a pain?
  • Are you tired of that ring you used to wear every day?
  • Do you have ‘hands off’ jewelry pieces?
  • Do you have inherited pieces you’ve never done anything with that you are saving for the next generation?

if you’re not wearing it – it may as well be broken. It’s worth nothing to you if it is unused and unloved. It’s time to take it out of warehouse mode! Pull it out and treat it like a broken piece of jewelry. Show it to your favorite creative jeweler and see if it can be revitalized, renewed or in some way made lovable again.

Sammie’s Story of Buried Treasures

Sammie had an old gem setting and the gem had fallen out and it sat around for a long time. She brought it in and said, “What could we do with this? I’m so over it.”

I pulled out various stones, but when this big creamy pearl came out, Sammie sat up at attention and said, “I’ve always wanted a nice pearl ring, but have never seen one set in a way I liked. I really love this pearl.”

We discussed that if we widened the opening between the two bands and made a pearl seat we could set the beloved pearl. She seemed pretty into it. But not jumping out of her chair into it.

I showed her some different finishes using other rings for example. She stopped me when I showed her a ring we had hand engraved. She asked if that kind of engraving could be done on her ring. I said yes!

We re-worked the ring to accept her new pearl and hand engraved it and delivered it to her. She loved it.

Sammie in the meantime was raising two girls as a single mom. She started dating Ted and one thing led to another and he came in and bought a loose diamond for her. We set it in a simple setting for the proposal with the idea that she could design her own engagement ring.

Sammie said yes and asked us if we could modify her pearl ring again to hold her new engagement diamond. We said yes. This ring went from ignored to cherished just with some simple changes.

Re-Working Your Buried Treasure Can be Such a Surprise

Check out a store like Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers to see what estate and pre-owned styles there may be that are different from the styles that are everywhere now.

Sometimes you just want something different! Maybe a combination of a style you like and some custom change-up can get you that unique and fun look you want at a reasonable price.  And just think, you already had it, now you’ve made it special!

Will you take the  “Wear it Don’t Warehouse it Challenge?”

Spend 20 minutes going through your jewelry box or safety deposit box and take out all the pieces you’re not wearing for any reason. Contact Sergio at (832) 277-5725 or at Sergio@jfjco.com or through his contact form and make an appointment to see him!  Let him take a look at what you have and then he will give me a call and let us design you a perfect piece that you will treasure!

About Calla Gold

First things first.  Yes, my last name really is Gold.  Could that be more perfect?  Was I destined to become a jeweler, or what!

In 1983, I created Calla Gold Jewelry.  I’ve been visiting my clients in their homes and where they work ever since

While my passion is designing custom and unique pieces of jewelry, I get special satisfaction in solving problems with those neglected and troublesome pieces of jewelry that you may have relegated to the darkest depths of your jewelry box.  In fact, on more than one occasion, I’ve been called the “problem-solving jeweler.”  Calla Gold Jewelry sizes rings, solders broken chains, restrings pearl necklaces, and I’ll happily restore your family heirlooms.

Additionally, I speak at jewelry conventions as a sales trainer, and at local organizations on “Revitalizing Your Jewelry Wardrobe,” and “Discovering Your Best Look” based on my magazine series.

For more information about Calla go to: www.callagold.com & follow her Blog: www.callagold.com/blog/[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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