[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you ever looked at a piece of jewelry and it’s made your heart beat faster? I have. I do. It’s like love. It’s like lust. It’s like amazing. It happens with Cartier. It happens with Tiffany.  It happens with all watches. And, it happens with Harry Winston.

First, you have to love an American jewelry designer, right? Second, you have to love a jewelry designer that is so philanthropic and a design house that has such a rich history.


The History of Harry Winston

Although Harry Winston grew up as a jeweler’s son (just like Jonathan!),he bought and sold stones from a very early age, having an eye for gemstones of rare value and quality.  When Harry was 19 he opened the Premiere Diamond Company, which was his first brick and mortar company.  Through many ups and downs, Harry kept this business from going under, and ended up focusing on estate sales and remaking jewelry that he purchased and selling it.

In 1932, Winston closed down Premier Diamond Company and established Harry Winston, Inc. in order to begin producing his own line of jewelry. He sought to highlight the jewels’ own shapes by minimizing the setting, relying on light platinum settings, so that the stones rather than the metal dictated the design. His flair for new designs allowed Winston to flourish during the Depression years, which was when he became a major figure in the New York diamond business.



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