Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

When you hear “engagement ring” the first image for most is a diamond. While diamonds are still the new most popular choice for engagement rings, it is not the only choice. In fact, some of the most famous engagement rings in history are not diamonds at all. Fabulous colored gemstones (sapphires, rubies and emeralds) were the popular choice among royalty for centuries. In fact, the recent engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton is an example. Prince William presented Kate with a family heirloom, a 15-carat blue sapphire set in a diamond halo for their engagement, which was the same ring presented to Princess Diana from Prince Charles.

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Another famous blue sapphire engagement ring is the ring presented to Josephine Bonaparte from Napolean in 1796. Napolean, presented the famous widow with an engagement ring with two pear shaped 1-carat gemstones, a diamond and a sapphire. In 2013, this historical ring sold at auction for 949,000.00.


The blue sapphire engagement ring has also been a popular choice with hollywood legends like Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor and most recently Penelope Cruz.

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