Considering a black diamond engagement ring? Here’s what you should know before you buy!

black diamond engagement ring

Black diamonds are having a moment. As couples seek out unconventional wedding and ring styles, we’re seeing an uptick in black diamond ring requests.

The trend was sparked several years ago when Big gave Carrie a black diamond ring at the end of Sex and the City 2. In the film, his reason for choosing a black diamond engagement ring was, “because you’re not like anyone else.”

Black diamonds definitely make a statement, and are an eccentric option for wedding bands or engagement rings!

Keep reading if you’re on the fence about this diamond style!

Black Diamond Engagement Ring Examples

Black diamonds look great as the center stone of an engagement ring or as accent stones! Check out some of these examples for both men and women’s styles.

What Does a Black Diamond Ring Symbolize?

Different gemstones often carry varying meanings. Diamonds, specifically colorless diamonds have come to symbolize love and commitment.

Throughout history, diamonds have represented status, wealth, strength and even health. Diamonds were often worn by powerful leaders to symbolize strength and invincibility.

But what does wearing a black diamond mean? Black diamonds were once thought to be a form of protection from evil by ancient Indian civilizations. Some cultures even had laws preventing black diamonds from being cut, because cutting a black diamond meant it would lose its power and protection properties.

Other cultures associated black gemstones with negative energy, evil, and death.

Today, black diamonds symbolize protection, but also knowledge, fertility, purity, cleansing and detoxing, and life and death.

Black diamonds are a good engagement ring option for anyone that seeks a unique, out-side-of-the-box nonconventional look.

Is a Black Diamond and Onyx the Same?

A black diamond and onyx gemstone are not the same thing. They both are black and have both increased in jewelry popularly over the years, but are actually quite different.

  • One is a diamond, while an onyx is actually a variety of quartz.
  • Black diamonds still sparkle, while onyx stones have much less luster.
  • Black diamonds are much harder and more durable (at level 10 on the Mohs scale), while onyx is softer (at level 7).
  • Onyx gemstones are porous, which means they can absorb materials and solutions they come into contact with and become easily destroyed or discolored. Black diamonds can last forever if taken care of properly.
  • Black diamonds are significantly more expensive than onyx stones.

Pros and Cons of a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing a black diamond engagement ring should not be taken lightly. While it may be an easy choice for some, keep the pros and cons in mind while shopping around.

And as always, here at Jonathan’s we can answer all your questions and provide several decade’s worth of insight and experience. We provide a relaxed and comfortable, pressure-free shopping experience to ensure you walk away with the perfect ring!

Black Diamond Engagement Ring: Pros

  • less expensive than traditional, colorless diamonds
  • unique option for unconventional couple
  • pairs well with most any metal color and setting
  • great for both men’s and women’s styles

Black Diamond Engagement Ring: Cons

  • less fire and sparkle due to less light refraction
  • more susceptible to damage, since the stone often has tiny fractures which contribute to the black color
  • not a good choice for those seeking a traditional brilliant diamond look

Final Thoughts on the Black Diamond Engagement Ring Trend

Black diamonds are a fantastic option for those that a prefer a unique, non traditional style.

They’re affordable, durable, and sure to make a statement in any setting! We expect the black diamond trend to keep gaining traction as couples seek out alternative styles for engagement rings and wedding bands.

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