A Bezel setting is one of the oldest setting types on the market, yet one of the least popular ring options. Until recently. See why more brides are choosing this design!

bezel setting on engagement ring

Low maintenance, minimalist, and modern describe today’s bezel settings. Although traditional prong settings are still the top choice for ring designs, more brides are opting for a new age bezel setting.

Discover all about this setting type in today’s post. We’ll cover:

  • Examples
  • What exactly it is and the history behind the style
  • Pros and Cons

Bezel Setting Examples

This setting pairs well with a variety of stones, shapes, and bands!

What is a Bezel Setting?

A bezel traditionally holds something in place. It’s a common term in the watch world because the bezel holds the crystal or glass watch facing in place.

It’s the same idea for a ring!


A bezel setting typically describes a setting with a thin metal band that partially or fully surrounds a gemstone. This setting type securely holds the stone in place, usually keeping the stone level with the ring.

In contrast, a prong setting ensures the ring stone is exposed and protrudes well above the setting.

Bezel settings are very versatile and look great with just about any gemstone, shape, or setting. It’s also available in platinum, yellow or white gold, silver, and rose gold.

History Behind the Setting

The bezel setting has been around since humans have been wearing jewelry. Experts say it’s the oldest setting type and was likely used in the beginning of jewelry making and stone setting.

Hence the reason, you’ll see bezel settings in many antique jewelry and ring designs.

The bezel setting has come a long way from those early designs. Modern takes showcase unique gemstone shapes and colors in minimalist and streamlined aesthetics.

bezel setting design

Pros and Cons of the Bezel Setting

When it comes to ring design, there are many factors to consider. Your level of daily activity, ease of cleaning, amount of light reflected by the center stone, and modern vs traditional looks are just a few.

Here at Jonathon’s we’ll always give you both sides of the story. Now let’s look at the bezel setting pros and cons.


Here are a few reasons why your ring design SHOULD include a bezel setting.

  1. Highly secure: If not the most secure type of ring setting. The metal rim securely holds the gemstone in place, meaning the stone is not likely to become loose and fall out.
  2. Protects from diamond damage: Because of the secure nature of the setting, diamonds and other stones are far less likely to chip, crack, or need replacing.
  3. Least likely to snag: Because this setting keeps the stone or diamond closer to the band, it’s less likely to snag on clothing or bang into a hard surface throughout the day. It’s ideal for athletes, outdoor work, and generally active individuals.
  4. Easy to clean and maintain: Less stone exposure to the elements means less to clean! In addition, there are no prongs to routinely check, which are much easier damaged.
  5. Hides gemstone flaws: Diamonds and gemstones reflect less light with the bezel setting, therefore it’s more difficult to spot inclusions. Sometimes the setting may even cover inclusions if they’re toward the edges instead of in the stone’s center.


On the other hand, you may NOT choose a bezel setting for the following reasons.

  1. Less light reflection: Bezel settings just don’t provide the sparkle and dazzle like a fully exposed prong setting would. For this reason, gemstones, are more subdued and low key in a bezel style setting.
  2. Less gemstone surface area: Less sparkle is also due to less surface area. The metal rim can cause a gemstone to look less brilliant under light.
  3. Not a traditional setting: Although it’s one of the oldest settings, it’s not nearly as popular as the prong setting. If you’re going for a more traditional look, you probably won’t opt for the bezel look.

Final Thoughts

Bezel style settings will continue to gain popularity as brides opt for more modern and unique styles. They’re an outside of the box option for engagement rings, and come in a variety of designs to fit most any preference. 

These types of settings have a lot of positive attributes, but want to know our absolute favorite? It pairs well with literally any gemstone shape imaginable!

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