Wedding BlogsOne thing we love about our customer base is that once they shop with us they continue to shop with us.  We have the best sales team in the business.  We have the best bench jewelers in Houston.  We have the best designers to make any engagement ring our customers want, and our service speaks for itself.  But, we don’t offer everything.

We don’t offer wedding services.  After all, we aren’t a wedding blog or a wedding site.  We do sell wedding bands and custom made wedding bands, but when it comes to planning your wedding or honeymoon, although I like to give out my opinions every so often, a wedding planner I am not!

So, in the spirit of wanting to offer you, our customer base a place to go online and get your wedding plans started, I have spent hours scouring the internet for the best wedding blogs to offer you a wide range to get your juices flowing and put you in the mood for some planning.

First, a few things I noticed that I want to say first.  Everyone of these wedding blogs that I mentioned had a ton of advertorial content on the sidebar and a vendor page.  I thought that these options were quite expensive.  I checked most of these wedding blogs just to submit an article on them, but my only option for these sites was to advertise and frankly, it was out of my modest budget.

Second, wedding blogs are visual, and I understand that after a while, finding original content might be a challenge, but I noticed that most of these wedding blogs deal with a lot of brides and grooms sending in their wedding pictures and stories as submissions to the sites, which you can then glean ideas off of for your own wedding.  Although I do like this idea, I felt as if I saw it over and over on almost all the wedding blogs, so I wanted to find wedding blogs that didn’t have that going on to offer you more of an option to choose from as the best wedding blogs online.  This wasn’t such an easy task though!

I believe I represented all sectors…or at least I tried…so enjoy!

10 Best Wedding Blogs Online

  1. Green Wedding Shoes.  This is my favorite blog of all the wedding blogs that I have seen, and I have been a subscriber since I started my own foray into blogging.  What I love most about this site is that the owners have made it so clear that they are a real couple in love and married, and the pictures are so stunning. This site is a visual feast. Green Wedding Shoes has the best submissions, along with a very nice mix of DIY articles and styled inspiration shoots.  I recommend this site to all brides and grooms!
  2. The Wedding Chicks.  I love this site because it talks about after the wedding and honeymoon and how to settle in together and mesh your lives together.  Once again, very visually pleasing, but the advertising was outrageously expensive! So, I love The Wedding Chicks and think you should all go and check them out, but you will not find us putting our site on theirs because we aren’t paying that much money ever!!
  3. The Knotty Bride.  Why I love this site is because it does not put on any airs. I prefer sites that are down to earth and tell it like it is, and this is one of those sites.  Allison has a style of writing that speaks to me and her sense of style is fabulous.  I hope for all of your sakes that she never finishes planning her wedding!
  4. The Man Registry.  How can I not include a site that I found for men? I love this site because a) it’s for men b) it’s got great articles c) it’s got great products d) it’s for men!! Seriously, once the men give the ring, we are virtually cut out of the equation until it is time to plan the honeymoon, so guys, The Man Registry is for you!
  5. The Broke-Ass Bride. Why visit this site? Because you are hearing real advice from real brides to be or brides that have been there and done that.  The blog posts are practical, real and the advice is excellent.  You will spend hours on this site and before you know it, it will be to change clocks back and you will still be reading and making notes!
  6. Bitchless Bride is a different site because an actual bridal and party planner write it.  You will get the benefit of all of her experience and foibles, which will make you laugh and maybe cry, but most importantly will make you think and know what you should do, need to do and want to do.
  7. The Loveliest Day has the loveliest engagement photos, DIY ideas and giveaways.  The blog itself is lovely with lovely colors and the whole thing is a lovely treat for all your senses.  You will want to spend hours soaking up the pictures, as the photography on this site is stunning. Just lovely.
  8. Another one for the guys is Staggered, which is all about the Stag.  The stag before you buy the diamond and how to buy the diamond, all the way to the stag party.  This site has a bit of everything for the groom, the groom to be and the groomsmen and even the father of the groom.  I really did love this site.
  9. I love these sites that have the DIY projects.  I think they are great and I like to think that maybe one day it might help me save a buck or two on a floral arrangement when it comes time for my daughter’s wedding, like A Practical Wedding, which is all about having a practical wedding.  After all, wedding’s don’t have to be impractical!
  10. 10. And, we can’t forget The Budget Savvy Bride, because whenever we can save some money in the wedding process it’s a good thing.  And, Jessica has some great hints and tips that she has picked up along the way at how to save money when it comes to having a wedding, but still have your wedding look like a million bucks.

Which wedding blogs are some of your favorites?


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