Whether your vacation plans include a European multi-city getaway or chill time on the beach, we have the best Rolex watches for summer. Pack your bags, put your phones away, and keep time in style with our favorite summer watch bling.

On the Water


By far one of THE best Rolex watches for summer fun will always be the Submariner. It’s a perfect choice for professional and amateur divers alike. Subs are waterproof up to 1,000 ft. and damn near indestructible. It’s our top pick for anyone spending lots of time on the water.


Have sailing plans? You probably need to upgrade to a Yacht-Master. It’s similar to the Submariner, but has more complex features to aid in measuring speed and distance on the water. For a more subtle option, check out this year’s Yacht-master at Baselworld, or the Rolex Yacht-Master II for a more distinct look.

For an Outdoor Adventure


The Rolex Explorer is rugged, simple, and efficient– all you need for an adventure in the great outdoors. It’s all steel bracelet and double waterproofness system will get the job done in any extreme element nature throws your way. Hiking the Appalachian Trail? Yep. Canyon jumping in France? Definitely. Running with the bulls in Spain? Most likely.

For International Travel


Sky-Dwellers are a frequent flyer must have. The 12-month calendar around the hour marks, paired with the second time zone display keeps travelers on their toes. These elite watches became more accessible when Rolex released steel and Rolesor combinations a few years back.

GMT-Master or GMT-Master II

Once a pilot’s watch, now one of the most iconic Rolex watches of all time. It’s been remastered time and again and has many a nickname attached– the GMT-Master II Pepsi dial, Batman, and the Rootbeer to name a few.

The GMT-Master was originally designed for pilots to keep track of time zones as they traveled internationally. GMT (Greenwich Mountain Time) has become the standard in aviation use.

Tell us where you’re headed for vacation and come check out the best Rolex watches for summer here at Jonathan’s.

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