Fashion’s most iconic night took place this past week in New York City, and we’re recapping our favorite jewelry from the Met Gala. This year’s theme “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” is a play on writer Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay, “Notes on Camp.”

What does that theme actually encompass? It’s been defined as “Love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.” Again, who freaking knows what that means- but it made for some epic, over-the-top fashion statements at the gala. If you’re into GIANT colored gemstones, vintage pieces, and elaborate diamonds- keep reading!

Check out our favorite jewelry from the Met Gala 2019

Tiffany & Co.

Lady Gaga stole the show with her wardrobe changes and Tiffany jewelry totaling over $1 million dollars. She wore a Tiffany Blue Book Collection geometric choker with a 18k yellow gold butterfly necklace and princess-cut diamonds, totaling over 28 carats.

Her platinum diamond earrings came in just shy of $350k and ONE of her rings costs over $1 million alone. Among her rings were a purple sapphire, pink sapphire, pink spinel, rubellite, and a diamond ring.

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Kendal Jenner also wore jewelry from the Tiffany Blue Book Collection. Her pieces included a frame necklace featuring 19 imperial topaz totaling over 75 carats and over 40 radiant Tiffany white diamonds (11 carats).

Jenner also wore Tiffany and Co. topaz and diamond earrings totaling over 23 carats.

Harry Winston


Harry Winston outfitted celebrity power couple J. Lo and A. Rod for the gala. She wore the “Purple Dragon Necklace,” a 65.32 carat purple sapphire stone set in a platinum diamond necklace. That’s 129.48 total carats in case you are wondering.

He wore a Harry Winston watch and diamond shirt studs. NOW we’re really interested. The Ocean Biretrograde 42mm Automatic 18k White Gold watch retails for about $40,000.

Lopez also wore vintage diamond earrings, cluster diamond bracelets, a cushion-cut diamond ring, and a sunflower diamond ring.

Actress Demi Moore wore several Harry Winston diamond and platinum jewels from the Secret Cluster line. Her hard-carved rock crystal vial is suspended in a necklace featuring 469 pear-shaped and round brilliant marquise diamonds. 

The Secret Cluster earrings and diamond rings add paired with the necklace add up to nearly 50 carats.


Actress and Model Lily Collins made a major statement with the Cartier Magnitude High Jewelry Collection.

Cartier debuted a special necklace for the collection with seven rare, round Columbian emeralds paired with rock crystal, onyx, black lacquer, and diamonds, all totaling 46.09 carats. The necklace features a unique contrast of colors, shapes, and optical effects. Don’t forget about the matching Cartier earrings.


Italian jewelry maker Bulgari dressed the most Met gala attendees for the evening.

Famous model Naomi Campbell wore vintage Bulgari ruby and diamond jewels paired with high jewelry earrings and bracelets.  The circa 1959 bracelet shown here has been worn by Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner and Julia Roberts in previous years.

Bulgari brought the bright colors and flashy bling this year for the ‘Camp’ theme. Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong’O adorned a necklace featuring a 41-carat center emerald, surrounded by amethysts.

She paired the necklace with a ring from Bulgari’s 2019 high jewelry collection which launches this summer.


We can’t leave out all the other vintage jewelry from the Met gala, mostly from NYC based Fred Leighton.

Celine Dion wore platinum Art Deco diamond briolette pendant earrings, an antique rose cut diamond cluster ring, and an 18th Century rose cut diamond button ring.

Actress Danai Gurira also showcased Art Deco era jewelry. She wore a three-stone diamond ring with old European cut diamonds and a 1950’s Belperron starburst diamond ring.

Her additional vintage pieces from Fred Leighton included chandelier earrings and several diamond and platinum bracelets from Van Cleef and Arpels (1970s) and Cartier (1920s).

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