When I first started Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, I did a lot of research, looking at other blogs and websites and following my favorites.  I commented on many and lurked on more.  I read and read and read and tried to see how I could tie in what I do to what they do and turn it into a link or a guest post.  I keep up with the latest SEO tactics and know that good links are, well, good.

What I realized is that the other diamond blogs didn’t have content that I loved and it gave me the idea of what I wanted to write about, but it also showed me that these sites were my competitors and there was no room to exchange blog posts or reciprocal links.  After all, we all virtually do the same thing.

But, as I was looking around, I realized that the jewelry blogs didn’t do the same thing as I did.  They focus on the form and function of the jewelry.  Yes, sometimes they highlight the big name brands and sometimes they highlight the antiques and vintage and sometimes they even highlight the offbeat and whimsical, but that is what I love about them.

Is there an opportunity for a diamond guy like me to fit in there? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care, I just want to give all of you an opportunity to expand your horizons and go and check out some pretty awesome jewelry and sites you might not know about.

Best 5 Jewelry Blogs Online

The Jewelry Loupe is a blogazine that highlights jewelry for makers, lovers and connoisseurs.  Cathleen McCarthy, the editor, has extensive experience in not only the magazine world, but in the jewelry world as well and she has put together a beautiful blog that showcases and highlights the best you can find in jewelry, as well as offering informative articles and resources for the layman and those that are makers.

Jonathan’s isn’t just a site about buying diamonds, but a site that also talks about estate jewelry and all the different periods of estate jewelry. Sergio also highlights pieces that he picks up along the way and speaks about them with such a passion that you want to own them yourself.

Wendy Brandes is sharp, witty, irreverent, talented, funny and a non-conformist and I adore her site, jewelry and her style.  She has one of the most prolific jewelry blogs that I have seen and she covers everything from business to the fabulous parties she attends and what she wears to them.  She has quite a loyal fan base and if you read her, you will find out why.  Also, I happen to love those emoji earrings she has and purchased some for my daughter, along with a ring.

JCK Style 360 Blog is one of the better jewelry blogs for what’s hot right now in the jewelry industry.  I love ALL the JCK blogs and I am an avid reader of every single one of them, but then again, I’m a gem geek.  But, if you want to see the latest trends and styles and see some eye candy, then check out the blog written by Jennifer Heebner.  You’ll love it.

Secret Life of Jewelry is a universe of handcrafted art to wear, which is the tag line and it suits this blog perfectly.  Run by Carmela DiLeva, this site highlights not just jewelry but jewelry as art and the pieces that are highlighted are truly stunning.  These artists hail from all over the world and you never know when you might find that one of a kind piece that you just have to have.  This is the blog you should visit daily.

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