banneker watch frontI don’t consider myself a trend maker or even a trend follower.  I like to go for things that are tried and true and that I know are classics.  I am a collector.  But, with that being said, I do follow the trends when it comes to fashion forward sites and watch sites and I also follow the trending news stories.

In New York at the Jewelers of America Show this year, which I didn’t get to go to this year, co-founder and senior strategic adviser to The Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF), Dr. Benjamin Chavis, discussed the importance for industry members to connect with today’s global consumer through their social outreach programs.  This is something that the Diamond Empowerment Fund has done beautifully and helped so many people in the process. 

Banneker Watches and Empowerment

What really caught my attention was as I was reading about what I missed at the show, I saw that the website for the DEF had a place to shop.  Always one to get my shop on, I hopped over there to see what companies had added their wares to the lines that already give a portion of their sales to special designs from certain lines they produce, like the “Illumination” bracelets from Donna Distefano.

When I saw the watches from Benjamin Banneker I fell in love.  I loved the rich burl wood on the stainless band and the green gems that surrounded the bezel.  I especially loved the wood face.  So clean and simple.  This watch made me swoon.

I immediately had to find out more about it and was ready to make a purchase.  I went to the Banneker website.  I found out that all the timepieces are made out of luxury woods, which is close to my heart for various reasons, and that Benjamin Banneker made the first clock that was made entirely out of wood.

Each of Banneker watches have a little funk with a lot of class and when you go to his website; which is the only place you can buy them, they are completely sold out!

So, if any of you have one you want to part with, let me know, until then, I am going to have to wait and give my empowerment to a Banneker watch when this line comes.

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