Diamond buying mistakesIf you haven’t read The Top 10 Diamond Buying Mistakes When Buying a Diamond, go over there and read it.  I’ll sit here and wait.  Then, when you are done, come back over here and read about how to avoid those making those mistakes when buying a diamond.

Avoid the Top 10 Diamond Buying Mistakes

  1. Don’t buy from the Internet.  When I made this claim before, I got a comment that sounded like this…And this…And this too.   Did you know that there is no guarantee that you are getting what you are looking at on a computer.  You can’t see the beauty or the flaws in a diamond on a computer; no matter how many computer generated hot spot fancy fandangled type of imagery equipment you might see of that diamond online. Also, remember, the seller you are buying from determines the cost of the diamond.  If an online seller has such a lower margin of cost, why are they charging more? (Take a look at this page if you don’t believe me)
  2. Buy a GIA Graded diamond that comes with a GIA certification.  There is only one grading lab in the world that is trusted and that is the GIA.  Will you pay more? That depends on who is selling you that diamond, but the fact is you will get what you are paying for.
  3. Buy the diamond that looks the best to you.  If you have two diamonds that are close in color and clarity and carat weight and cost, but the one that sparkles the most.
  4. Buy within your budget.  Don’t buy out of your budget no matter what you are being shown, in fact, if you are being shown out of your budget, then get up and walk away.  Don’t let the shiny pretty stones hypnotize you! It’s better to get a beautiful smaller stone you can afford than a big ugly one you can’t.
  5. Learn the trade in policy and return policy before you buy! People it doesn’t always work out! Be prepared before you plunk down one dime or look at one stone.
  6. Don’t believe in a sale.  Diamonds never go on sale.  Period.
  7. Always buy under a .50, .25, .75 or carat.  These stones are less money and the jump is significant when you hit the round numbers.  You can’t see a difference in size between a .95-carat and a 1-carat stone.  Trust me.
  8. Research your Jeweler! I can’t say this one enough or in enough blog posts!
  9. Diamonds don’t glow in the dark.  Buying a diamond with fluorescence is not always bad because sometimes it can cause a diamond to look whiter.  So, don’t rule it out just because it has fluorescence.  You can’t see the fluorescence unless you are under an ultraviolet light.
  10. Don’t buy a diamond because of what it says on the certificate.  Just because a grader has told you that the diamond is XXX doesn’t mean it is a perfect stone for you.  Buy a diamond based on what you love, not based on what a piece of paper tells you that you need to love.

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