I had to share the August Match Made In Heaven because it warms my heart like no other match, unless it was my own daughter making a match.  Have a seat while I tell you a story…

Once upon a time there was a group of kids who played together and grew up together.  We all went to college and remained in touch although farther apart.  Two of those boys in that group married two of those girls.  We went to weddings and celebrated births and anniversaries and even traveled some together.

Those two couples both moved to St. Louis when their children were 5 years old.  These two children grew up together.  A boy and a girl.  Eventually this boy and girl fell in love.

And, now, they are getting married….. 25 years later.

What I really love about this is that I made Marc’s Mother’s ring…the groom.

I made Libby’s Mother’s ring….the bride.

And I made Libby’s ring.

I can’t wait to attend this wedding and know this couple will have so much love and happiness waiting for them in their lives.

Marc and Libby – August Match Made in Heaven

August Match Made In Heaven

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