Anniversary Bands

Looking for a way to celebrate your milestone anniversary? Custom bands are a great and unique way to acknowledge a 5th, 10th,15th, or 25th year anniversary. They can look as simple or complex as you’d like, and they make a great addition to an existing wedding ring set.

Endless Customizations

Our anniversary bands are fully customizable, just like our engagement rings. They can be created in white or yellow gold, platinum, and palladium. We also have the ability to add featured diamond stones or accent stones in multiple styles and areas of the ring.

The process

  • First, schedule an appointment. Our ring customization experts will walk you through the entire process. You can have a full design in mind, or just a simple idea for us to work with and expand on.
  • We will sit down and talk customization, and then choose the metal and any type of stones you would like added to the ring.
  • After a price is agreed on, we will send information to our in-house design team! We then start the process of creating a state of the art 3D design.
  • After the computer design is finished, we move to a wax mold that has the exact dimensions of your anniversary ring!
  • The ring is cast using your chosen metal, and then our stone-setters go to work by hand setting each diamond in your ring.
  • From there, the ring is polished and steamed until it shines.

For most designs in a non high-traffic time of year, completion time will be anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Feel free to reach out to us and check on the progress of your order!

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