Wedding season has officially arrived, with a grand kick off last weekend at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle featuring the royal ceremony that welcomed Meghan Markle into Prince Harry’s noble family.

While the whole world watched the fairy tale unfold since they began dating in 2016, we couldn’t wait to see the bling Harry chose for his bride.  As jewelers and purveyors of luxury diamonds and custom-made jewelry, we absolutely LOVE a good engagement story and especially enjoy learning all the ring details!

That’s why we wanted to create a series highlighting our favorite celebrity couples, how they popped the question and their custom made, often one-of-a-kind engagement ring picks.

It’s only fitting that we start with THE most anticipated and celebrated nuptials of the year-Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.



The often times scandalous and wild child Prince of Wales grew up in the spotlight, sewing his wild oats across the world as the paparazzi caught it all on camera.   Also known as ‘The People’s Prince,’ he’s clearly a relatable guy.

He’s since shelved his party ways after being set up on a blind date with Meghan by a mutual friend. She only knew of him on a surface level; he had never heard of the American actress, but the pair hit it off after just two dates in London.

Soon after the couple began dating in July of 2016, Prince Harry convinced Markle to accompany him on a trip to Botswana several weeks later, where they camped out under the stars for an ‘absolutely fantastic’ five days according to Harry.

The couple immediately fell in love and when you know, you just KNOW.



Now on to what really revs our motors-the engagement ring! Last year in November the Prince proposed with a royal ring he designed himself and had custom made by the Queen’s preferred court jewelers, Cleave and Company.

The ring itself is yellow gold-Meghan’s favorite, and the main stone- a 3 carat cushion cut diamond, ethically sourced from Botswana, was chosen because the couple romantically vacationed there and fell in love early on.  The location is obviously incredibly special to them, so it was only fitting Harry incorporate that into the engagement ring.

The center diamond is flanked by two smaller round diamonds, each around 0.5 to .75 carats, originally from a brooch belonging to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

This simple, elegant design is royally elevated by the thoughtfulness and inclusion of vintage diamonds that commemorate Harry’s late mother.

While the ring is essentially “priceless,” experts estimate the flawless, ethically sourced, center stone could be worth as much as $200,000 due to its clarity, color and carat weight.

We aren’t certain, but have read the entire ring likely retailed between $300,000-$350,000.



No elaborate, over the top proposal story for the royal couple-just a cozy evening in at his Kensington Palace apartment, where the two were roasting a chicken for dinner in late 2017.

Still, the now Duchess of Sussex had no idea it was coming, stating in an interview that “It was just an amazing surprise.  It was so sweet and natural and very romantic.”

She goes on to say that he got on one knee to propose and she immediately accepted.

The two savored the intimate and private moment, knowing the wedding would be a worldwide spectacle. We really can’t blame them from wanting a few minutes alone and out of the spotlight.

The two were married on May 19th while the world tuned in and celebrated the unity of a Prince and his American Princess. The groom gave his new bride a simple wedding band made with Welsh gold (as is royal tradition) as a symbol of their union.



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