Georgian engagement ring trend

Vintage inspired jewelry will always have its place in fashion, but the Georgian engagement ring trend is hot right now. The Georgian era ranged from 1714 to the mid 1830’s. British monarchs of the period were named– you guessed it– George I through IV.

Fashion was inspired by the likes of Marie Antoinette, which was especially important during ‘London Season.’ During this Season between January and July, the wealthy Georgian class enjoyed balls, dances, and theater outings.

Georgian Era Jewelry

Authentic Georgian era jewelry is basically non-existent today. Outdated jewelry was melted down and created into newer, trendier pieces.

Jewelers handcrafted all the jewelry of this period via incredibly labor-intensive processes. Gemstones were cut by hand. Gold and metal blocks were manually hammered out before being fabricated into fabulous pieces.

Jewelry trends of the Georgian period included:

  • Intricate metal working featuring yellow gold and wires
  • Designs of flowers, crescents, ribbons, bows, leaves, feather plumes, and foliage
  • Memorial jewelry depicting painted on funeral or mourning scenes, often accompanied by the deceased loved ones’ hair
  • Hair jewelry
  • Cluster rings
  • Choker style necklaces

Gemstones featured the table cut, rose cut, and old mine cut. Diamonds and other stones were cut by hand, which took an incredibly long time.

Vintage hand cut stones don’t have the level of brilliance nor shine of today’s cuts. Jewelers didn’t have the luxury of cutting edge, precision technology. Instead, Georgian jewelry makers backed the stones in foil to bounce more light throughout the stone.

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What’s the deal with the Georgian Engagement Ring Trend?

More and more future brides are seeking out vintage inspired designs, especially Georgian era trends. Authentic and very rare Georgian jewelry pieces can be ultra expensive. Luckily Jonathan’s is able to create similar designs at affordable prices.

No bride wants a plain vanilla, big box ring anymore. Today’s brides favor authentic and unique styles. The Georgian engagement ring trend is all about unique vintage appeal and whimsical design.

A few examples of Georgian inspired engagement rings

Table Cut Cluster Diamond Ring

Georgian engagement ring trend Table cut cluster Diamond

Old mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Intricate Foliage Design Engagement Ring

Final thoughts

Jewelry experts have already predicted this trend to stick around through 2020 and beyond. Authentic Georgian pieces, although rare, will continue to increase in value. If one crosses your path at an estate sale or vintage shop, jump on it!

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