Diamond is ForeverWe’ve all heard the saying made famous by DeBeers in 1955 to promote diamonds; “A Diamond is Forever.” That line has been used as a tag line for many things over the years from movies to songs and it is truly one of the most overused quotes around, because physically, a diamond is forever because of how it is formed, but emotionally for those that have been divorced or that didn’t make it down the aisle, well, we know a diamond isn’t forever.

What makes a diamond forever? Is it the timeless appeal or the beauty and sparkle that you can only find from this type of gemstone? Or is it the durability, hardness and toughness? The truth is, it’s a combination of all of these things, as well as the emotional things mixed in that make a diamond forever.

Diamonds Hardness

Out of all the gemstones both organic and inorganic, diamond is the hardest on the Mohs scale, which is the standard scale that rates the hardness of gems and minerals.  Friedrich Mohs came up with this scale in 1822. The purpose was to see how easily one mineral or gem could be scratched by another.  Only a diamond can scratch a diamond.  In fact, diamonds are so hard, they can even scratch the metal that they are set in, which is why it is important that you have your prongs checked on your rings at least once a year!

Diamonds Toughness

Overall a diamond is fairly tough.  They don’t break or chip or crack easily, but like anything else, if hit just the right way, they will.  Most of the time, we will have women who come in and don’t even realize that their diamonds have a chip or a small crack in them, and they are usually easy to fix.  It’s also important to note that some cuts are more prone to breaks than others, such as pears or marquise, because of the points.  But, a diamonds atoms are bonded together pretty tightly, so they don’t cleave often, and they are a relatively tough stone.

Diamonds Stability

Diamonds are very stable.  They are invulnerable to virtually all types of acids and handle heat very well, unless it is a sudden temperature change that is drastic and long standing.  So, if your diamond is in a house fire, it will show damage or have a white cloudy appearance.  But, when a diamond does sustain damage, it is usually just on the outside and it is easy to polish that out.

A Diamond is Forever

Yes, if you look at the fact that it takes years for a diamond to form and then even longer for it to come to the surface and then still longer for it to be dug out of the earth and found, a diamond should be forever.  Like everything else in life, you have to take care of that diamond.  It can sustain damage if it is rubbing against another diamond or has taken a hard hit, so be sure to get your diamonds checked, especially if you want them to be forever.

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