We all know that it’s not the size of the box, but what’s inside the box that counts right? But when it comes to giving that diamond engagement ring, isn’t presentation important? After all, this is a day that both you and your wife to be will remember for the rest of your lives, so you might as well go out and make it as memorable as possible.

I have talked about how the ring box should be called a marriage box, but when a marriage box looks like these, they really and truly are some unusual engagement ring boxes with some fancy bling inside! Tell me readers; do you consider these unusual engagement ring boxes hot or not?

Unusual Engagement Ring Boxes – Hot or Not?

1.  Love the idea of carving a niche out of her favorite book and tying the ring to hang in the center of the book.  HOT OR NOT?

2.  Lego Engagement Ring Box was found on Indulgy and how fun is that! Custom made to order for $69. HOT OR NOT?

3.  You didn’t think I wouldn’t throw in one of ours did you?? How HOT is that??!!

4.  This unusual engagement ring box was made out of tree branch and frankly, it is stunning.  The Groom made it for his Bride.  Now, that’s hot!

6.  If you love Wall-E, then you will love this unusual engagement ring box by The Modelmaker.  I think he’s kinda cute!

5.  For the truly geeky, try out this Microchip ring box.  Of course, it might not get you a yes, except for the fact that it is shaped like a heart!

7.  The Toy Story Engagement Ring Box is another of the Modelmaker’s creations.  This guy is amazing and his attention to detail is outstanding.  It seems to me that an investment in one of his designs might be worth more than the ring you are putting in the box one day!

8. Paul Pape designs all kinds of unusual engagement ring boxes for those that want some whimsy and he can make whatever your heart desires, all you need is an imagination and about $400! Frankly, I say these are hot.  What do you think? Hot or not?

9.  I wanted to go Up in the house in “Up” from Disney’s Pixar Studio.  Didn’t you? Well, you might not be able to take a ride, but your engagement ring can in this unusual engagement ring box by the Modelmaker!

Which ones do you think are hot or not?

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