8 Incredible Houston Holiday Jewelry Gift Ideas for 2017

The holidays come around fast, don’t they? If there is anything we’ve noticed over the last 25+ years of doing business in Houston, it’s that guys tend to wait a little too long to get gifts for their significant other this time of year!

We’ve been working hard to stock our showroom with the best gifts at the lowest prices for 2017, and we’re

If you’re wanting to get your shopping done early, we have some great suggestions for jewelry gifts for you.

Here are 8 incredible holiday jewelry gift ideas for 2017:

1. Diamond Stud Earrings


These may be simple, but they’re effective. Like all of the items on this list, diamond stud earrings come in a wide variety of price ranges.

We sell almost 1,000 carats of diamond stud earrings every year! The most important aspect of finding the perfect earrings is having a clear budget in mind and knowing what type of metal the majority of her existing jewelry is.

Read more about diamond stud earrings here.

2. Tennis Bracelets


Did you know that the tennis bracelet used to be called an “eternity bracelet”? The popular jewelry design received it’s current name when tennis start Chris Evert had a match paused for a loose diamond that fell from her bracelet.

The event was nationally televised, so the term tennis bracelet was coined! There are a few different design options for bracelets such as clasp types and desired fit.

Check here to find out more about tennis bracelets.

3. Diamond Pendants


If you’re looking for something that’s straight-forward, the diamond pendant is it! We create our diamond pendants around the loose diamond that you select. This makes the diamond pendant a great gift for any price range.

After choosing the diamond, all you’ll need to decide is the setting type (basket or bezel) and chain length. We’ll handle it from there!

Learn more about diamond pendants here.

4. Diamond Necklaces


If you are trying to “wow” her this year, you’ll want to consider a diamond necklace. With custom designs, you have the ability to go as intricate or simple as you’d like, but they can take up to six weeks for completion. If you’re looking for a necklace for Christmas, ask for our showroom selections!

Click to see more information about diamond necklaces.

5. Diamond Hoop Earrings


Another favorite – diamond hoop earrings are always a great choice as a holiday gift. Custom designs generally take 2-4 weeks depending on how intricate the piece is. There are several different options to consider, including the clasp, metal, and location of the diamonds. Our favorite style is “in and out” (pictured above) that allows the viewer to see diamonds from the front and back!

See more on diamond hoop earrings.

6. Antique/Estate Jewelry

Retro Era

Retro jewelry (and other estate jewelry periods) are wildly popular right now. What we love about estate jewelry as a gift is that it’s so versatile. Every jewelry period has unique styles and characteristics. This is a great way to get her something none of her friends will have! We specialize in estate jewelry sales, which means our inventory is packed.

You can find more information about antique and estate jewelry here.

7. Ladies Watches

Ladies Watches 2015!

If you’re looking for a classy gift this year, a Rolex Pearlmaster or Datejust may be the ticket. There are a lot of variations in women’s watches in terms of size and style. We recommend that you find a watch that complements the majority of her current jewelry so she can wear the watch as often as possible.

Take a look at our thought on women’s watches.

8. Men’s Watches


Believe it or not – men’s watches are very common as a gift for women. “Oversized” watches have been in style for a few years now, which means that you have several more options in the look and brand.


It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping! If you are looking to get a custom jewelry gift, please contact us using the information below and we’ll get started on your project quickly. Depending on the specific project, please allow 2-4 weeks for completion.

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