5 Ways to Propose at Christmas This Year

It seems like Christmas season starts a little earlier every year, doesn’t it? Even at the beginning of November, most Americans are already looking past Thanksgiving and starting to plan for a great December 25th. But if you’re looking to propose this holiday season, it may already be time to start your planning as well!

The Christmas season is filled with nostalgia and cheer that makes it one of the best times of year to propose. According to WeddingWire.com, Christmas and the days leading up to it take up five of the top ten most popular days to propose throughout the year.

If that many people are doing it, there must be something to it! We’re diving in today with a few awesome ideas for popping the question this holiday season.

Here are 5 creative ways to propose at Christmas this year:

1. The Christmas Carol

It’s very common for impromptu groups to get together to perform Christmas carols! However, you’re obviously not going to be able to find a caroling group walking around on the street. This strategy is going to take a bit of planning, but the payoff is huge.

Call around to local high schools in your area and ask to speak to the choir director. Most likely, they have a select group of their most talented singers that perform Christmas carols and actually have songs prepared.

Invite (or hire) them to come to your house and sing outside the front door. They can start with regular Christmas carols, and then pivot into singing both of your favorite song. She’ll already be surprised that there are singers at the front door, but it will take it over the top when you get down on one knee!

2. The Puppy Gift

We’ve all seen the iconic puppy Christmas present. You could take it next-level and put her engagement ring on the puppy’s collar! Every time she sees your dog from that point forward, it will remind her of her engagement.

A word to the wise though – make sure that both of you are actually ready for the responsibility of a pet! If you aren’t quite ready to add a fur baby to the relationship, this is not the best way to go.

3. Box in a Box in a Box

Are you worried that she might suspect that an engagement question is coming this holiday season? You can use this technique to throw her off the scent.

This strategy will take some time to pull off, but it’s stupid simple. All you need are several boxes ranging from very small (engagement ring sized) to large. Place the smaller box inside the next largest box and wrap each one.

You’ll also want to add a few items along the way to weigh the boxes down so that she can’t automatically tell what’s going on when she starts unwrapping.

You can either place the ring in the smallest box or wait until she finally gets to the smallest one and then pull the ring out from your back pocket!

4. The Christmas Ornament

Another creative twist on Christmas morning – the ornament strategy is a solid choice for proposing this year. If you’re doing the proposal at your own house, make sure that you wake up before her to hang the ring from one of the branches of your Christmas tree.

If you are proposing at one of your parents’ house, give them the ring ahead of time so that they can put it on the tree before you arrive.

She’s probably not going to be able to spot the ring on her own, so you’ll need to point it out while she’s unwrapping presents. She’ll never see it coming!

5. The Romantic Spot

Sometimes it’s best not to overthink it and just pick a really romantic spot to propose. Houston has several incredible locations throughout the city during the holiday season to look at Christmas lights (take a look at VisitHoustonTexas.com for a full list).

Once you find the perfect spot, get down on one knee and propose the old-school way. If you can, try to have family and friends there to take pictures of the proposal, or you can hire a professional photographer to capture the moment.


No matter what strategy you use to propose, Christmas is an incredible time of the year to do it. With just a little planning and creativity, you can pull off a proposal that she will remember every Christmas.

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