Wholesale Diamonds: Get More at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers

wholesalediamondsDiamonds are expensive. There, I said it. I have been in the diamond and jewelry industry for over 30 years and have worked every single aspect of it: retail, wholesale and even pawn shop. And there is no getting around that elephant in the room that diamonds are expensive. But, wholesale diamonds are not as expensive as retail diamonds and when you walk out of our shop, you will get more at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers.

Shop Retail Diamonds, Pay Retail Prices

Did you know that if you only shop retail you would only pay retail prices? Of course you did! A retailer has to mark up their goods because they have an enormous overhead and they don’t have a deep diamond inventory. They have a deep jewelry inventory, but if want to see a 4 carat round brilliant most retailers will have to call on someone like Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers to show you that diamond.

And here’s a HUGE secret, and don’t tell anyone you heard it from me, but we give retailers great prices so they will keep coming back to us and then they mark those wholesale diamonds up just for you! Isn’t that special?

Shop Wholesale Diamonds, Pay Wholesale Prices

I can’t speak for every single diamond wholesaler out there, but I can say this with all certainty; if you shop for a diamond from a diamond wholesaler, such as Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, than you will pay wholesale prices. Some dealers will be a bit more and some will be a bit less. That will be up to you to do the leg work in finding the wholesaler that you trust, like, want to work with, has the best inventory and has a fantastic bench jeweler to make the ring or piece of jewelry that you want that precious diamond to be placed in.

But, even with the cost of making the jewelry, when you buy wholesale diamonds your bottom line will be less than if you go to your local retailer for that same exact finished piece.

Why do you get more at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers?

This is the question that all my guys get asked all the time. Why do you get more at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers? I am going to reveal some more trade secrets to you, we actually purchase diamond inventory from retailers that are going out of business. Our inventory of wholesale diamonds is deep. Very deep. If you want a 1 carat VS1 G Color pear shaped diamond, we will have at least 20 that you can choose from. If you want a 14-carat emerald cut colorless IF diamond, we have that too.

We deal in wholesale diamonds. Do we do other things? Yes. We buy estate jewelry for the diamonds and often will send them off to GIA for certification and even have them re-cut if we need to so that you can get a better stone. We buy watches and have our watchmaker service and clean them to sell them to you at great prices. We have estate pearls that we have restrung for you and estate gemstone jewelry that will take your breath away, all at wholesale prices, but our business is wholesale diamonds. And, nothing makes us happier than bringing you wholesale diamonds at well below retail prices to put in the custom pieces of jewelry or engagement rings that you can cherish and wear forever.

If you are seriously looking for an honest and ethical place to purchase wholesale diamonds, one where you are treated like family, call Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers at 713-977-9885 to make an appointment today.

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