Life LessonsEvery day is a risk when you are running your own business. It doesn’t matter if you are buying diamonds or selling cars, you still have to put yourself out there and make money and support yourself, your family or both. I like to think I am one of those that have made it to the other side, but certainly not without a lot of blood sweat and tears.

I was a high school drop out and a teen father. I went to work and not to college. What I learned I have taught myself. I am a scrapper and there have been times I have been steps away from the streets and times that I have been steps away from millions, and through it all I have learned so many life lessons.

I have raised two sons to adulthood and like to think I have done a good job and my daughter is over halfway there and she is on the right path too. My marriage is strong and my business is doing well. I manage my life and my business the same way, with a firm hand and with a lot of faith in God. I am blessed in so many ways, some of it has been luck and some of it has been skill, but through it all, they are things that I have to say my prayers for every night.

Because I am lucky and blessed, I want to share with you some of what I follow on a daily basis that has gotten me through the good times, the bad times and the everyday times.

16 Life Lessons for Being Amazing

1. Risk more than is requires and learn more than is normal.
2. Be strong and show courage.
3. Breathe always.
4. Excel when you can, love when you can and lead when you can.
5. Speak your truth and live your own values.
6. Laugh and cry in equal amounts.
7. Release mediocrity and always aim for genius.
8. Stay humble and be kinder than is expected of you.
9. Deliver more than is needed or wanted.
10. Exude passion for all things.
11. Shatter your limits and transcend your fears.
12. Inspire others.
13. Dream big but start small.
14. Act now.
15. Don’t ever stop.
16. Change your life and change the world.

What life lessons can you add to the list?

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