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If you have been reading our many articles on Rolex, this is the article that touches on why you should invest in a Rolex watch. Although there a variety of factors that go into pricing a Rolex, whether you buy a new Rolex or a pre-owned Rolex, when you invest in a Rolex, you are making a good investment, even in a down market. Let’s look at the reasons why.

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Rolex – New or Pre-Owned

  1. Rolex scarcity combined with high demand has directly led to a dramatic increase in the value, and is a reason to invest in a Rolex. 
  2. Because of the current demand, Rolex stainless steel sports models have become some of the hottest and hardest to find watches in the world.
  3. Rolex watches can be bought for less than $14,000.
  4. Rolex watches appreciate in value over time and some double in value the same day they’re bought. If a Rolex is purchased new at MSRP, the value of that watch is instantly higher in today’s market and historically goes up in price.
  5. Supply has exceeded demand and Rolex authorized dealers have zero inventory to display in cases and the pre-owned market has exploded which makes it time to invest in a Rolex.
  6. Rolex isn’t just the top watch company in the world, they’re one of the planet’s most iconic brands.
  7. The market for pre-owned models is thriving. Because it’s a Rolex, there’s a ‘glass floor’ beyond which that price will not sink.
  8. Rolex has annual price increases and this protects the value of watches that were previously purchased. It’s safe to invest in a Rolex because you know that the money you spent is protected by the brand.
  9. Due to overwhelming demand, the prices of Rolex watches on the retail and resell market continues to skyrocket.
  10. Rolex watches are always in fashion regardless of what is happening with current clothing and accessory fashion trends, and you will never have a hard time pairing your Rolex with the most current, fashionable outfit choices.
  11. Rolex is a luxury brand that guarantees reliability and longevity. Rolexes have been passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms and with the right care and maintenance, you can expect your Rolex to last you a lifetime.
  12. Rolexes are among some of the most high-quality watches in the world, and the brand has been committed to excellence right from the beginning.

How Much Will a Rolex Cost?

Now that we’ve determined that it’s a good idea to invest in a Rolex, what will that investment cost you? If you buy a new Rolex, you will pay the MSRP that the retailer is charging, which is sometimes less than a pre-owned Rolex. But there is very little new stock right now, so you will have to wait for that new watch, and who knows how long that wait might be. So, for the sake of this section, we are going to focus on what a pre-owned Rolex will cost you.

How to Determine the Cost of a Pre-Owned Rolex

1. Condition

The overall condition of a watch is incredibly important when it comes to determining value. The better the condition, the more favorable this is towards the price. But, it’s important to note that rare vintage defects can actually increase the value of the watch.

2. Model and Reference number

Some Rolex watches are more collectable and popular than others. Understanding the difference is key, which is why if you don’t know where to look, an expert should help you. Knowing the reference number is important to price it properly.

3. Original features and authenticity

Is the Rolex circa-correct or is it authentic? Circa-correct means that all the components are made by Rolex and authentic for that time period. Authentic means that all the components are made by Rolex, but may not be time period correct or parts have been replaced with newer Rolex parts. A Rolex can be 100% authentic without being circa-correct and a watch that is circa-correct is typically worth more.

4. Box and papers

If the watch comes with the original box and papers, the Rolex has more value, but that doesn’t mean it will be priced more. What it does mean is that it verifies authenticity.

5. Provenance and rarity

If the watch you want was owned by someone famous, the price will go up. Just as if you have a Rolex that has a rare dial or unusual feature that makes it rare, the price will be higher.

The Price Points – In General

For this part of the article, we are going to regale you with images of actual watches that we have for sale at Jonathan’s Watch Buyer. Check out what you can get from us in all the price ranges, and if you see one you like, please contact us, as they sell quickly.

Under $5K

$5k — $10k

$10k – $20k

$20k and over

How can I get an estimate on my Rolex?

Rolex timepieces have a remarkable way of retaining their value throughout the years, and in some instances, even appreciating if given enough time and the right circumstances. Whether you are interested in selling a Rolex Submariner, a contemporary Datejust, or a Day-Date President with a diamond dial, the first step you will take in the process of selling your Rolex is determining its fair market value. We have a free request form you can fill out quickly and easily to get an estimate on your Rolex today.

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