It’s time to look beyond the obvious. Every diamond should have diamond DNA. Every diamond should have personality and shape.  Every diamond should have a pedigree and birthmarks and a birth certificate.  Every diamond already has the 4 c’s. That is obvious… too obvious.

Diamonds are unique. I’ve said it before and I will probably say it a bazillion more times over the course of this blog, because I don’t think it can be said enough.  Because diamonds are unique, they need things, just like people need things and they should have things… no, they deserve things…. just like people.

10 Things Every Diamond Should Have

  1. A Great Romance.  I don’t mean you should be in love with your diamond, but the story behind how you obtained your diamond should be a great romance. Whether you purchased it yourself or someone gave it to you, it should reflect a deep love you share or have for yourself.
  2. A Manicured Hand (or at least clean nails). I realize that this might not always be the case, but when you first have this gorgeous diamond on your hand, at least do it justice by keeping your nails clean and if you can’t do that, can you take care of your cuticles or put some lotion on the rough patches??
  3. A Beautiful Bed. The diamond came in a beautiful box and that box was meant to keep. When you take your diamond off to put it to bed, do it the honor of laying it down to sleep on the bed of satin that it came in, not on a counter or a glass ring holder.
  4. A Bubble Bath. Okay, so maybe not bubbles, but keeping your diamond sparkling and clean just like you do your body is a key to a happy diamond. If you want your diamonds personality to shine, you must keep it well groomed!
  5. A Confident Owner.  Don’t be afraid to wear your diamond. You were given a beautiful piece of jewelry and it was meant to be worn, not kept in a dark safe. Diamonds need to be worn and taken out for walks just like dogs, so don’t keep yours locked in a crate, be confident that it is trained and take it out!
  6. A Cause to Support. Giving your diamond a strong marriage and relationship to support is vital to its happiness. Remember, your diamond has more value to you when your relationship has more value to you.
  7. A Signature Look. Each diamond needs to be set in its own signature setting. It’s the look of your stone, whether it is surrounded by a halo or just baguettes, it’s your diamonds look. When picking out the look, be sure it is something you will love and want to gaze at for years to come, and that your diamond will look stunning in.
  8. Occasional Tune-ups. It’s always smart to take your diamond to your jeweler and allow them to tighten the prongs, give your diamond a good cleaning and just make sure that the entire ring is still nice and sturdy. This will keep your diamond nice and happy and wearing well for years.
  9. Good Companionship.  Every diamond needs a friend.  This friend doesn’t need to be another diamond, but can be a simple gold band. Either way, when you get married, wear both rings together.  There is no reason why your diamond needs to be lonely, so be sure your diamond has a friend to reside with on your finger.
  10. Travel.  Your diamond was meant to travel wherever you travel, whether that is to the grocery store or Mumbai.  Take it with you and wear it in good health.  You were given something precious to take care of, so if you take care of your diamond, it will take care of you.


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