It’s definitely no secret around here – we love fine watches. If there’s one thing we know about them, it’s that they are just as much a status symbol as they are a time keeper! While we deal mostly with Rolex and other similarly priced fine watch brands, there is still another tier above Rolex that only a few people in the world can actually afford. We’ve put together this list of the most expensive watches to show what the mega-elite are wearing.

Here are the 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World:

10. Blancpain 1735 Grande Compilation

Price: $734,000

Most expensive watches in the world

The 1735 is truly a watch ahead of it’s time. With a chronograph, minute repeater, moon phase, and many more features this watch boasted some of the earliest use of computer design for it’s creation.

9. Loius Moinet Magistralis

Price: $860,000

Most expensive watches in the world

The Magistalis is an incredible example of watchmaker ingenuity. While it has all of the goodies like a minute repeater with cathedral gongs, the real surprise with this watch is that it’s moon phase features a real lunar meteorite called the Dhofar 459!

8. Hublot Big Bang

Price: $1 Million

Most expensive watches in the world

Wondering how many diamonds are in this bad-boy? 1280. It took over a year just to source the diamonds and then they were hand cut by one jeweler so that every diamond featured the same cut signature. Jay-Z became the proud owner of the Big Bang after Beyonce bought it for him. Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂

7. Chopard Super Ice Cube

Price: $1.1 Million

Most expensive watches in the world

The Super Ice Cube features an 18k white gold case that is literally caked with diamonds – 60 carats to be exact. Don’t worry, this thing isn’t just bling. It’s also water resistant up to 100 feet (not that anyone is taking it in the water any time soon)!

6. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tour Billion

Price: $1.45 Million

Most expensive watches in the world

Wow. This manual winding, white gold watch with a crocodile leather strap is unbelievable. The calling cards of the Sky Moon are it’s moonphase and 4-year calendar, as well as the celestial calendar on the case back.

5. Vacheron Costatin Tour de I’lle

Price: $1.5 Million

Most expensive watches in the world

Like many of the watches on our Most Expensive Watches in the World list, the Tour de I’lle is rare. Only 7 of these ultra complex and multi-function watches were made!

4. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time

Price: $3 Million

Most expensive watches in the world

As the name suggests, this watch is for the ultimate world traveler. Not only is it self-winding, but the watch can help it’s owner find time anywhere in the world.

3. Patek Philippe Super Compilation

Price: $11 Million

Most expensive watches in the world

With over 900 total parts, the Super Compilation took nearly 5 years to construct by Patek Philippe himself! The watch was made for the banker Henry Graves, and features 24 functions making it an unbelievably intricate pocket watch.

2. Chopard 210 Karat

Price $26 Million

Most expensive watches in the world

Bling times 1,000. That’s basically the concept behind the Chopard 210. There are 874 diamonds of different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you look closely, you can almost see a watch dial in there somewhere!

1. Breguet Grande Complication Marie Antoinette

Price: $30 Million

Most expensive watches in the world

The story behind the Breguet Grande Complication is as interesting as the watch is stunning. The watch was originally created for the French Queen Marie Antoinette. It took 45 years to complete from 1782 to 1827 by both Abraham-Louis Breguet and his son, and was not finished until well after Antoinette’s death. The watch is currently housed in the L.A. Mayer museum.

Don’t let the watches in this post scare you, the Rolex watches that we buy and sell are much more affordable. 🙂 Schedule an appointment with us here to find out!

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